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Feb. 28th, 2019 12:53 am
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Hellooo! This journal is for my nonexistent gaming career.

name: Arrow; ign: gay⚢arrow
basic info: mid-20's, she/her, lesbian, USA south central time
switch fc: 3799-3686-0675
— occasionally handheld
— I share the Switch with my roommates so I'm not always available.
— my roommates are my bffs/family it's entirely mutual
— I still end up playing the most though; just look at my hours spent playing 😅
3ds fc: 2896-1018-0581
discord: pasta cheval#7935

You can also find me at [twitter.com profile] tentamissles and [tumblr.com profile] smotherwing. Sometimes I also play Love Live SIF.

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Please feel free to rec me Switch and PC (I have a Mac) games in the comments!
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Main website for Pokémon related things are at icirr.us. Updates are at [community profile] masterball.

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Maps where the weapon is unspecified can be assumed to be primarily used by the main weapon in the category, unless marked with ✖. ♥ means that it is preferred for the main weapon in the category, or the category in question. Added weapons in a category but without an X means they are also alternatives. Strikeout means I don't like the map for the mode. Bold means I especially like the map for the mode, regardless of weapon. Small means I haven't tried.

This is largely for my own reference.

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My loadouts, both active and testing, can be found at my ikaclo.
Post for maps/modes/weapons can be found here.

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